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The Event!

This past Friday the Cooke City Montana Museum held its fundraising event “Life Between Mountains: paint, lace and rust.” Visitors were treated to an evening of history, art and fun as 23 still life paintings inspired by the Museum’s collection were auctioned in live and silent events. Each item in the live auction was prefaced with a bit about the history of the artifacts and or topics painted. The two and a half hour event was a success!

As an artist, this was a unique experience. To watch every single piece from your show walk out the door is surreal. I live in an incredibly supportive community, and I’m thrilled that I got the chance to give something back in return.

So there they went, months of work dispersed in less than three hours; I would call that a success! Thanks for following this project!

Enjoy photos of the project and the event here:!eventphotos/c23mh

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