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I have always been drawn to still life paintings, to that mixed assemblage of the artifacts of life. We are surrounded by objects, but rarely see the beauty and bigger picture that is installed in them. Objects can tell a story. Working in a museum, I am surrounded by artifacts every day. They naturally tell a story individually and as a whole; who owned them, who bought and sold them, what were they used for….there are just so many questions that can be asked of an object. This is what drew me to the museum field, the story telling and the questions to be answered.

This project allowed me to see these objects in detail, from the big story to the little bit of blue that shows up in the shadows. From the rugged miner to the inquisitive child, from the splintering texture of wood to the soft depth in the fold of fabric. While viewing this exhibit, I ask you to look for the human in these artifacts. Make a connection with a past so vivid it breathes. This is the story of a life between mountains.






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